Saturday, February 1, 2014

house to Home

It seems like I have Grand Ideas of projects I'd like to tackle in my house.  Yes, I use house as it's not a good reflection of my style.  Home is wherever I am with my family...sometimes it's the House...sometimes it's my family home down south, sometimes it's the get the picture :)

When we bought this house back in 2008, we thought it would be Home.  Maybe not our forever home, but home as in a long term place...a place my kids would fondly think of during their most challenging years...a haven to nestle down the piano, watch a fire crackle, the grand entrance down the stair case at homecoming.  I knew there would be projects I'd want to do..paint..seriously, the living room was periwinkle and pink.  Change lighting, maybe cabinets and definitely the counter-tops, and the most poorly designed bathrooms known to man!  Not that they had to be done ASAP...or even within the first years.  I'm good with taking time, planning and creating a dream design on a beer budget.

When you buy a house, it's like a marriage.  Lot's of give and take.  This house has been an up hill battle.  It wasn't old by any means, but it sure wasn't new, nor as wonderfully built as the previous owners led us to believe. Yes, it has a great open floor plan...which has caused heating the upstairs almost impossible.  Poor insulation, antiquated HVAC system & roof are all delays we didn't expect when we bought this house.  All these problems have cause my hopes and dreams of creating this house a home to nearly disappear...until recently.

In 2014, or actually late 2013 I decided it was time.  Time to stoke the fire to my dreams of turning this house into our home.  The roof has been replaced, insulation installed and HVAC evaluated.  Can't do all those things at once.  It's funny how some can take a weekend and re-vamp an entire room.  Those of us with champagne taste on a beer budget know it's not that easy.  And why slap lipstick on a pig if it's wearing a masque?  The bones are getting stronger of this house.  So now it's time to start pulling together things that warm my heart, give me butterflies to see, & nest.

I'm excited...I bought a rug...a few lamps...a new rustic harvest table...wonderfully ornate chairs...amazing salvaged architectural stuff...antique chandis and lighting...I'm going to paint the kitchen cabinets..when I find the courage!  My dreams are smoldering...I'm designing...creating...Home~