Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Another Revisit & Gilt Cream

Ever had that Christmas morning moment as an adult.  Seems like I have them frequently which makes me wonder if my mind is so simple and child like that I will never grow up or that I'm just easily entertained.  Either way I smile a lot :)

Some of you may remember a post about My Latest & Greatest...Continued.  Well, I'm happy to say...and sad to inform that this set has come and gone (the HAPPY part)...with few pictures (the sad part).

This sweet little set from 1934!  How did I know that?  It was stamped on the hardware.  Was an amazing find that just continued to get better and better the more I worked with it!  Love those!

Here is the After.  Again, I apologize for the wonky pictures.  Between it selling fast and bring it to the shop...I ran out of good photo opportunities.   Ahhh...just never enough time in the day;)

This set was SOOOO  beautiful when I was finished with it!  So many oohs and aaahs!  These pictures don't begin to give this wonderful piece justice!

This piece is a multi step project not for the faint of heart.  No, its not difficult, just time consuming.  Worth EVERY second for the finished product!
Step 1: I used Graphite for the base color.  
Step 2: Sand with 220 & then 600 grit sand papers.
Step 3: Clear Wax
Step 4: WAIT 24 Hours & then Buff
Step 5: I then used a French Linen wash.
Step 6: WAIT 24 Hours for the wash to completely dry
Step 7: Then mixed a glaze with dark wax, mineral spirits, and GILT CREAM!  IT'S IN THE STORE NOW!
Applied the glaze with a brush catching any runs with ripple cloth.
Step 8: WAIT another 24 hours
Step 9: Buff lightly and applied another layer of clear wax.
Step 10: WAIT 24 hours and then buff to perfection!

It was by far the MOST asked about piece in the shop thus far.  We had MANY face prints on the window of our lovely, drooling customers :)  We don't mind!  It was so worth drooling for!

Not only was it the most asked about piece, it also showcased a new product we have been working for months on getting in the store.  AND NOW IT'S IN!!!
These little creams are wonderful for mixing into glazes!  They add just a touch of sparkle!  When used alone, they really make a statement!  

I hope you have enjoyed this post and quick step by step of how I created the finish on this piece.  Let me know if you have any questions!