Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Sweet Friend, and a Feature!

This past weekend and earlier this week I had the great opportunity to spend time with a couple of my Sweet Friends from Colorado!  Brad & Amber of Shades of Amber!

Brad & Amber, Amber mostly I think lol~, have a weekly linky party called Chalk Paint® Linky Party.  Each week they choose a Linky guest to feature, and they chose me!  I'm so honored and excited! Thank you! Thank You! THANK YOU Brad and Amber for featuring my Ironstone, Duck Egg, Old White, & French Country post!  The piece I linked last week has now sold and found a loving new home, so stay tuned to see what I'll be linking up this week!

From finding a treasure in the rough, fixing what is broken, to finishing it, it's such a thrill every step of the way for me!  And though I am tempted at times to keep MANY things I find and renew, I find even more excitement when someone loves and cherishes the piece as much as I have.  One aspect of the process which is HUGE bonus, is when the piece is featured.  It's always exciting when you get the email that something you created was enjoyed by many!

If you have time and have a great Chalk Paint®finished piece, please share your post on their Linky Party.  You just may be their next feature!


Monday, August 27, 2012

My Monday Muse No. II

Welcome to My Monday Muse!

Last week was our first My Monday Muse and was fun to see the inspiration from those who shared their inspiration!  Hum...sounds like a motto I've been working on I'll reveal later this week! ;)

Quirky Vistas was especially inspiring to me! I must agree, there's nothing like a sweet treat to keep ya going on a not-so-fun project and ICE CREAM is one of my fav go-to's when the going gets tough!  BUT...the finished project is AMAZING and Liz's perseverance is more than amazing, it My Monday Muse!

Quirky Vistas Photo Credit
Not only did Liz prevail when finishing her living room draperies, she also found time to make a table runner for her coffee table, and a cute rosette card!  Very inspiring!  Thanks Liz for sharing your projects and being our first feature with My Monday Muse!

Quirky Vistas Photo Credit

Quirky Vistas Photo Credit
Here are the rules for My Monday Muse…

1.) Please feel free to share about a piece you have completed, restored, renewed, recycled, re-purposed, or anything that inspires you!  A dresser, a sign, a cloud, a picture, restaurant, house, or a person.

2.) Post a permalink (the link to the post), not the link to your blog or Pintrest
3.) This party will close Sunday at midnight CST and I will choose my favorite(s) and feature their piece(s) on next week’s My Monday Muse.

4.) Please link back to My Monday Muse and visit others sharing their inspirations!

Enjoy the party!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Greetings from High Point, NC!

I'm off to High Point, North Carolina today for some training on the best paint in the world, Chalk Paint®!  It's always exciting to gather talented artisans together to share ideas, techniques, and paint!  With all this talent in one room, I'm sure there will be great new and exciting ideas I'll be bringing to Carter's Cottage and the classes I teach!

Don't forget to link up to My Monday Muse on Monday!  Inspiration can be found everywhere! Share what inspires you!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ironstone, Duck Egg, Old White, and French Country~

There's nothing that says French Country more than Duck Egg, Old White, and Ironstone!  This piece isn't new, actually it's a solid, made in the USA Thomasville piece probably still in production I picked up at a friends garage sale.

 With the growing product line of Annie Sloan, I used Cracquler to gently age the details of this piece.  The fine cracks remind me of the fine crazing that can be found on old ironstone.  Using Dark Wax further enhances the aged look and crazing.  Love that!

Using 220 and 600 grit sand papers lend to the gently aged appearance.  This allows it to work seamlessly into a true French Country look.  Some pieces are simply distressed too much without thought to naturally occurring wear marks.  This unnatural appearance could be mistaken for either 1. a really poor finish or 2. a mass produced product.   Isn't that what we don't want?  Mass production and poor quality?  :)  

Please don't mistake what I'm saying about wear marks & distressing.  I have several pieces coming up that are heavily distress...primitive actually, but they look primitive, not polka dotted! lol~

I've started a linky party..though I hate to say that as it seems like many bloggers eventually start linky parties.  The reason I stared one was due to inspiration!  It seems like the majority of my time is searching for paint combos, techniques, fabrics, knobs, or simply little seeds of beautiful things that spark a fire in me to create something.  Once that spark is lit, I can proceed and finish a project quickly and usually with joy and contentment :)  My Monday Muse is all about inspiring others.  Please join me on Mondays with what inspires you.  

Until then,

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm in Flea Market Style Magazine!

Yep! I'm in Flea Market Style Magazine!  How EXCITING!  I know, I know! It's just a blurb...But it's exciting to me!

A few months ago, a friend of mine posted on FB to go to Flea Market Style's blog and vote for my favorite shopping town.  Having a cute little shopping boutique myself nestled amongst several others along Lincoln Highway in DeKalb, I couldn't resist to vote for my very own town DeKalb, Illinois!

After I voted, Flea Market Style contacted me in an email encouraging me to write a little about each of the shops I mentioned when I voted. They also let me know DeKalb may or may not make the list, but it could receive an honorable mention.  I was so flattered to even be contacted to write more, how exciting even if it didn't make the magazine!  I wrote a little more as they asked and after a few months, I decided what I wrote wasn't going to make it.  It was still exciting to me though...just the thought of being considered was an amazing blessing and gift!

A few day's ago, I got an early morning text from a friend of mine, Rachel from My Vintage Verve.  She said "Love your shopping selections in FMS mag. Your in a  magazine right along with Miss Mustard Seed.  Your a super star!".  Having so much on my plate, and completely absorbed with the event's of our Ribbon Cutting, I completely forgot about my prospect of having my blurb published.  I responded to Rachel with "Think you sent this to wrong person:).  Mind you, it was early and my mind was still foggy with the sweet bliss of just waking up...then after that nano second passed I realized what Rachel was texting  about!  I quickly replied WAIT! THEY PRINTED IT??!!  She said "Lol, yes go buy lots!" 

My cozy reading chair
I am so blessed to have my little blurb published in their Readers' Choice Favorite Cities on page 20 in Flea Market Style Magazine!  Like I said, it's just a blurb about my favorite shopping places in DeKalb, but it's so exciting to watch our little town grow with wonderful opportunities such as being published in a national magazine!

My cute boutiques listed in my blurb are:
No. 20 My Favorite Things
No. 21 Cracker Jax
No. 22 Primitive Chic
No. 23 Lavish Thrift
No. 24 Na-Da Farm Barn Sale
No. 25 DeKalb Corn Fest

You can find the complete review in Flea Market Style Magazine along with several cities across the USA!
I hope you take a moment to enjoy the small things that make you happy!

Monday, August 20, 2012

My Monday Muse

Lately, things have gotten a little crazy.  I know~ things are always crazy in everyone's life. ;)  With school starting, it's time to slide back into a comfortable routine and carve out a little slice of time to restore and refresh my soul.  In order to do this, I'm going to work hard at posting "My Monday Muse" every Monday, excluding holidays of course! :)

One of my sweet friends who I mention frequently, Laura from Whimsical Perspective, and I were chatting about the 3 R's: Restore, ReFresh, and Routine.  Laura's J.O.B. is teaching and she loves the summer and it's freedom to junk, repourpose, renew, and work at her hobby, my shop:)  She'll also say she loves the routine of the school year.  I couldn't agree  more!  We also chatted about how to achieve balance and this was when she told me about carving out that slice of time...give it a name and honor what it means.  This is how "My Monday Muse" came about.

Did you know that muse actually means in Greek mythology, poetry, and literature  are the goddesses of the inspiration of literature, science and the arts. (from Wikipedia)  Not that I believe in goddesses, but it's kinda exciting to think of yourself as a goddess sometimes ;) Actually, muse fits perfectly into my "BIG picture" for my life, inspiring others.  

My Monday Muse today is Laura!
This is us at Kane last November.  The reason I chose Laura is because she has inspiried me to devote just a few minutes to the 3 R's.  Thank you Laura!

What is your muse? What inspires you and why?  I'd love to know.  Maybe it will inspire me as much as it does you!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hello Again!

Hello again sweet Friends!

Time has truly flown by this summer!  And as much as I hate to say it, it's kinda nice that the kids will be back in school next week!  I didn't realize how much I LOVE routine until the kids were running different directions every day!  And to think next year, I'll have a driver!  YIKES!....(i digress lol)

Ok, so since my last post, which technically was just the other day but that one really doesn't count, I've been crazy busy with changes at the shop, markets, sales, painting, and book keeping.  While I enjoy some a little more often than others..ok seriously who likes book keeping?! I have so MISSED posting and sharing with all of you in blog world!

This is a Tell City Young Republic Hard Rock Maple hutch.  It weighs as much as a house...ok so maybe not that much.  It is such impeccable quality.  Such a great Americana piece!
I do have to apologize for the pictures.  Yes, I'm still pic illit.  My latest self proclaimed title lol~

Nothing shouts Christie like power cords, weird angles, and poor lighting!   There is a short story behind this...and though I'm giving away a future post, I feel to redeem myself, I must share!

It was THE day before our Ribbon Cutting and Open House.  Just set the window in true DeKalb nature...DeKalb Corn signs with an Arles painted dresser by My Vintage Verve.  Stunning!  And it was fresh and new for the event!  Until the dresser sold!  So, I packed up the beautiful dresser for it's lovely new owner and then started to move a different dresser in.  Well, it was too short and the wrong color...the store was packed, and time was running out.  Not to mention in addition to the dresser that sold, so did a few other items.

Tired and knowing I had school meetings to go to that night, I left the shop defeated with an endless list of things that needed to be done and picked up for the next day.  I called Mr. Cottage whining about how the shop was "up side down" and nothing for the window, the meetings, and not to mention dinner!  He calmed me down and said he would go to the school meetings so I could get things figured out and picked up dinner on his way home.  Such a wonderful husband & father!  I am among the lucky to have him!

Knowing I had this hutch and knowing it would be going to the shop at some point in time, I realized NOW WAS THAT TIME!  I've pinned several hutches on Pintrest searching out the best color combos, techniques, and styling so the hardest part was done.  It just needed to be painted.  So, in 3 hours it was finished!  I love, love, LOVE Graphite under Chateau Grey!  I love the natural shelves and top.  I love that this wonderfully made, solid piece of USA is gorgeous in my window!

My son helped me move it in at 7 in the morning the day of the event and I spend a frantic 4 hours with  my bestie Laura from Whimsical Perspective, and Cindy from BarCyn Designs staging and cleaning the shop!  By 4:00 the gals of Carter's Cottage were all here helping with last minute details!  It all came together beautifully and was a fun evening for all who could come! 

Our Ribbon Cutting Sale is still going on, so pop in and take a peak!

I just found a before pic!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Carter's Cottage Ribbon Cutting & Sale

 Pop in for our Ribbon Cutting tomorrow to register to win this fantastic Grand Prize!