Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Excitement is BUILDING!

The excitement is building at a rapid pace!  And at the same time, the days are vanishing into one another!
Another little sneak peak!

The gathering is complete, price tags are being attached, wax is curing, totes are getting filled, and I truly did sleep like a baby last night!  I hope I remember that in the coming days as I'm sure sleep will give way to last minute projects!

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Na-Da Farms Barn Sale!

Happy Saturday Morning Everyone!

Na-Da Farm Barn Sale is only 6 DAYS AWAY!  Oh MY!  How the time has flown!  Laura, Sherrie and I have been working around the clock gathering awesome finds, painting with Chalk Paint®, and crafting till our fingers ache but it all has been SO WORTH IT!  I feel we have truly out done ourselves!  And as a result, the three of us have decided to give a little sneak peak of a couple of things!            
Here's a pretty from Laura from Whimsical Perspective 

Love this piece and just wait till you see it in person!  The antique hardware is lovely, and the size is perfect for a kitchen pantry, or living room media center!  Oh! I know! OFFICE!  So many possibilities!

This lovely is from Sherrie at A Ruffled Nest
Photo Credit Sherrie, A Ruffled Nest

This dresser is stunning!  I love to take a traditionally used piece such as a dresser and re-purpose it.  I know exactly where this would go in my house!  The entry!  Can't ya just see it filled with gloves, scarfs, umbrellas, and a key dish right no top?  (hard to imagine gloves, scarfs and all the cold wintery things we are so longing to forget around here in May!)

This is my little cutie.  Now, I know what you're thinking....it's going to be Emperors Silk, or Primer Red....well...it's not!  AND better yet, it's something TOTALLY un-Christie! 

SURPRISE!  Isn't it just a doll?!  I think so!  So shabby, cottage, cutie!!  Again, sticking with my latest craze, custom colors! :)  My inspiration for the custom colors was the wrapping paper...YEP wrapping paper!  Now, it's totally not the easiest to use and I most likely won't be adding the wrapping paper to my normal go to project uses, but it was fun on this little cutie.  

With major chipping veneer, this dresser was calling for something special.  Something that would add to the interest and character of the piece.  It would have been nearly impossible to fix the veneer problem perfectly, so why not exaggerate it!  The wrapping paper hides the wood differences, while it adds textural interest to the problem area.  After a light distressing, I sealed it with Annie Sloan Laquer.  
The green is Antibes Green mixed with Cream and a splash of Arles.   The blue is Louis Blue with Paris Grey mixed in.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the recipes for these colors...it was kinda mad scientist mixing for this Mix-olo-gist that day! Which by the way, was SO MUCH FUN!   

I truly love opening a drawer to find a little surprise!  I lined the drawers with the remaining paper and painted the door with the same colors.  To add to the charm, I kept the mismatched hardware and painted it too!

So there's a sneak peak to what's coming to NaDa!  We hope to see you there!
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Town and Country Living Blog Shout out!

Isn't it just too exciting when you receive a shout out on someone's blog?!  It's always a surprise, which I love surprises!, and reassurance that not only you love something you have created, but another wonderfully creative person loves it equally as well! 
Photo credit to Jennifer of Town and Country Living

I  must admit, Jennifer, of Town and Country Living Blog is SO sweet, and...I can't wait to meet her!  We have chatted back and forth in blog land and on Facebook several times, but what's so exciting for me is Jennifer has visited my store a hand full of times...and I've NEVER been there when she has popped in!  UGH!  How does this happen?  It seems like I'm there so much, but then I hear from many of you that "I just missed you!" or "Wednesday must be your day off."  or worse yet...."I didn't know you were CLOSED on Tuesdays!" my heart breaks!

It truly is important for me to meet you.  Hearing your stories of finding great treasure, learning about your Chalk Paint® adventures, and creating friendships I wouldn't have otherwise had are just a few of my joys in having Carter's Cottage.  

As a result of reading some of your "I just missed you" stories I receive, I thought I would post a tentative schedule of the shop hours and days you would be most likely to find me there.  Please click on the Contact link for more info :)

Back to my SHOUT OUT .
Photo credit to Jennifer of Town and Country Living

Here is a picture Jennifer took of a mirror I painted and she recently purchased from Carter's Cottage.    Using Old White and Scandinavian Pink, I created this lovely ballerina pink color.  As my creativity grows, the more often I use custom colors.  I seem to be turning into a Mix-olo-gist of Chalk Paint® lol~  
The recipe for this color is:
1 Part Scandinavian Pink 
5 Parts Old White
After painting, I used  clear wax mixed into a glaze with Sliver Gilt cream.
Photo credit to Jennifer of Town and Country Living

In the shop, we have a wall of mirrors.  Most of them are old, some painted with Chalk Paint® while others are beautiful in their as found state.  Cracks, chips, layers of painted goodness adorn some of them while others are gilted and the mirror is ghosted.   I truly love them all and love how Jennifer has created a wall in her home of mirrors.  I hope you take a moment to enjoy some of Jennifer's posts!  She's so talented and creative~ such an inspiration for me! 
Photo credit to Jennifer of Town and Country Living

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