Sunday, April 29, 2012

Facebook Give-a-way!

Hello Friends!

As some of you know, I have a company Facebook page where I post more frequently my updates, pictures class information and more! It hasn't been a secret, but it kinda felt like it since so many of you on here are not one my FB page over there!:)

So I decided to have a little GIVE-A-WAY to entice you to visit my FB page also.  Here's the scoop!

Once my FB page gets to 500, I will have a Fantastic drawing for a sweet little package!  Now remember, some of the BESTEST things come in small packages!!!  I'll give you a hint...ok, two hints!

Hint #1  EVERYONE who's been in my shop comments on this.
Hint #2  It's not Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™.  I maybe "Naughty Christie", but I gotta follow the rules!

Here's how to enter!

1.  LIKE Carter's Cottage FB page.

2.  Follow this blog- You probably already are! :) 

3.  Post on your blog about following me on FB.   (say that 10 times fast! lol~)

4.  Post on your FB about following me on this blog.  (not as funny the second time around..hum:)

Don't forget to leave me a comment letting me know each entry you have done.  This will increase your chances of winning!
Good Luck!

Sunday, April 22, 2012, not the vegetable!

A fellow blogger friend mentioned to me about creating a deep Eggplant color.  I pondered the thought, and said yeah, we need that lovely hue!  And, no further did the thought go.  Then, my fellow blogger friend asked me again....and I said it would be great for her to mix it up!  And yet again, no further did the thought go.  Then one day, I decided to amuse my sweet friend, and I started playing around with Emperors Silk & Napoleonic Blue...sent me straight to my sophomore year of high school when I had to dress up in a gawdy raisin colored sack and dance to "I Heard it Thru the Grapevine"...Oh how I digress~


After pondering how to deepen the color to make it truly more eggplant like.  I decided to add Graphite.  Getting close...but still not quite right.  Hum...add more Graphite, or Paris Grey...Graphite!

Oohhh!  Liked it, but still wanted it darker.  

A few more spoons of Graphite and Viola!  EGGPLANT!
Yes, this is just a piece of trim I painted.  But now that I have the recipe for this luxe hue, I can recreate it at anytime!

Ready for the recipe?
1 part Emperor's Silk
1 part Napoleonic Blue
3 parts Graphite

What custom colors are you creating with Chalk Paint®
I can't wait to see them!  Post your creations on my Facebook page, or tweet me at Carter's Cottage#AnnieSloanPaint!


Friday, April 13, 2012

One of "those" girls...

I've never been "one of those girls".  You know what mean.  Shopping for designer outfits every week.  Spending a small fortune "trying" to be something I'm not, however hard I may have tried to be.  It just wasn't in the cards for me.  I do my best to be a good steward of my money & my business.  I would much rather thrift store shop not only for great treasures for my shop, but also for my clothes. 

So, YES!  I wear thrift store clothes! And YES!  I'm "one of those girls".  I'm close enough to Chicago to have some of the MOST amazing thrift stores!  And many of the clothes I buy, STILL HAVE THE STORE/DESIGNER LABEL TAGS on them!  I don't buy all my clothes at thrift store, but some of my best compliments have come from clothes I have paid just a few dollars for~ (Yea ME!:)  So it's always a shock to my family, and myself when I really splurge on something...meaning I actually shopped at a department store or real on-line store like I just did the other day.

As many of you know, March was crazy for me and I was gone for most of the month.  As a special treat, I decided to buy a little something for myself. Now, this is TOTALLY out of character for me.  First of all because it was a real store.  Secondly, I do not, let me repeat, I DO NOT purse shop.  My lovely  mother-in-law usually buys my purses and wallets.  Which I am SO thankful for as I loathe purse shopping.  But surviving March was monumental and deserved a little something equally as monumental.  Ready??

A brand spankin new COACH PURSE! 

Isn't it pretty?  So not only am I  "one of those girls" who buys her clothes at thrift stores, but I'm also "one of those girls" who sports a sweet little pink Coach purse!  Ok! Ok!  So it's last years "model, color, & style".  And an Ebay factory store really isn't a real store.  You can't expect me to quit searching for the best deal cold turkey! :) 

So I hate to admit, either way you look at it, I'm still "one of those girls".

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jason Mraz Buttercup & Arles & Cream

Arles & Cream make me smile just like Jason Mraz's Buttercup :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

~The Painted Ladies~

Laura, Rachel, Sherrie, and Me
Just a couple of photos of Kane from Laura, Rachel, & Sherrie.  Of course I brought my camera...but it never made it out of the car I time right? :)
The wait...........
Whimsical Perspective photo credit    

 Photo credits to Whimsical Perspective.  Thanks the the awesome pics!
Next big event....NA-DA Farm Barn sale!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Exciting Announcement!

I am so excited to announce..........


We will be in the BIG barn with several special projects painted in Chalk Paint®!
Speaking of paint, we'll be bringing that too!  My special friends Sherrie from A Ruffled Nest, and Laura from Whimsical Perspective will be joining me with their sweet treasures as well!

Be sure to check their blogs for sneak peaks of treasure to be found at the sale!