Thursday, December 13, 2012

Getting started using Chalk Paint®

As most of my sweet readers in blog land know, I sell Annie's wonderful paint in my shop.  The steady stream of questions frequently asked is the reason I'm starting this new series of blog posts.  Hopefully, this will help answer most of everyone's burning questions, give helpful information on uses, tips and tricks, as well inspire you to create something beautiful!

It only makes sense to start at the beginning

Prepping your surface

Tip #1  to properly & easily mix your can of paint, turn your can upside down for at least 20 minutes.  This ensures the more solid contents at the bottom of the can mix with the more liquid contents at the top.

While you're paint is mixing, grab a bucket of HOT water and a sponge.  Completely wipe down the piece, dry with a lint free cloth.  If you choose to clean with a TSP type cleaner, I do suggest you rinse the surface twice.  Chalk Paint® decorative paint doesn't like to stick to TSP or other degrease-ing type cleaners.  Grab your brushes, paint pans, drop cloth, and a damp paper towel.

You're now ready to paint

For a French Look

  • Apply two coats of Chalk Paint®, moving the brush in multiple directions.  The first and second coats should be coordinating colors.
  • Apply the second coat thinner than the first.
  • Apply Clear Soft Wax witha lint-free cloth or brush.  Work the wax into the paint like you would apply hand cream, making sure to remove any excess.
  • Use a fine or medium grit sand paper to gently and artfully remove a little of the paint. (I recommend using 220-450  grit sandpaper when distressing)
  • Re-wax and polish.  You can polish again the next day for more sheen.
 The next post in this series will be To Prime or NOT to Prime, that is the question.  Yep, we will cover priming and sanding next week!
Until then, Happy Painting!

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