Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A New Look, and a New Outlook

Perhaps you noticed the new look my little blog is sporting!  Talk about a labor of love~  This has taken me an entire year to complete!  Well, Melanie over at Elegant Custom Blogs over a year!  A busy life has kept this simmering on the back burner and after much determination it was implemented.  I can't say enough about how sweet Melanie is to work with!  To survive this process with me for an entire year, she is a saint!

As many of you have noticed, I unexpectedly took the month of November off.  My sweet friend Laura from Whimsical Perspective and I did Kane Co. Flea Market, then we had the annual Holiday Open House at the shop, followed by some devastating news that my best friend, stand in Mom, business partner & mentor was moving back to Oregon State.  Pam's home had sold and it was time for a new season of life to start, RETIREMENT!  I wanted to spend every available moment with Pam and I did.  Not blogging afforded me the precious luxury of sitting by her fireplace chatting about nothing inparticular, family meals, treasure hunting, and plans for trips out west to the Oregon Trail. 

Pam and her husband are my friends who became our family.  They would cart the kids to and fro events and school, attend football games & dance recitals, share Thanksgiving & Christmas Day with us.  I would often find myself parking my car in my drive way only to walk across the street to Pam's at the end of the day to see what's for dinner and find my kids, especially Holly, our golden bustling around their kitchen. 

I know this is not good bye, but life has changed for me, for us.  Yes, Pam's only a phone call away....I've been chatting with her as if nothing has changed, but we both know it has.  When I pull into my drive, habit forces me to look to her old driveway only to find her truck isn't there and that reminds me things have changed. 

In 6 years, my husband and I moved 6 times, cross country twice.  I'm not used to people moving...I'm the one who's supposed to leave. Putting down deep roots and having neighbors who become family are what I've come to enjoy.  At Thanksgiving, there are old neighbors, new neighbors, and co workers who come and out number my traditional family.  It was a little hard for my traditional family to get used to at first I think, but now with this years Thanksgiving being the last with Pam's family, it was bitter sweet for everyone.  Having moved so much, I understand all to well how difficult this is on Pam.  So I always smile and talk about her new adventure and how exciting it will be!  And most importantly, the reason she is moving, BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE :) 

As I've said many times before, I am back...just a little melancholy.  I am truly looking forward to what's to come with the dawn of a New Year just around the corner.  No, I'm not rushing Christmas the most magical time of year...just working on my new outlook on life.

ps the pics are from Thanksgiving.  When I need a little comforting, its the smell of Thanksgiving that floods my memory and wraps itself around me and reminds me of all that I love in life...


  1. Your blog page looks beautiful!LOVE this look! I don't like when friends move away.I Have a tendency not to get close to people because of that fact.It is hard enough for our family being so far away.

  2. Yay!!! :) I'm so happy you like it! I'm so sorry, though, to hear about your friend moving away. I know that must be terribly hard. I'm hugging you from here.


  3. I was always the one moving away too. This is a record 5.5 yrs so far in one property. I get what you feel, just hoping my neighbours and friends stay put because its the first time ever we are planted and I don't want anything to change for a long time. Patty/BC

  4. Your site is looking absolutely gorgeous now. I think it was a blessing in disguise when you went hiatus for a month. I still can't wait for your other articles.

  5. Sweet and nice blog....just like you!