Friday, September 28, 2012

This is embarrassing~

 The chandi best known as The Octopus.  Thanks Dad for naming it~

 Oh!  What is that ginormous thing? 


 Can you say dorm desk?

No, those blinds aren't wood...and they aren't yellow either. They just look that way.
Notice this hutch?  See it's make over here!

MANY of my customers often say "Your home must be beautiful!"  or "I bet you have the best designed house!"  or even "I'd pay just to stay for one day in your house".  No, no you wouldn't.  And this is embarrassing!

Believe it or not, I am a designer.  I am talented and have worked with several prestigious businesses and custom home builders.  I design and create what others want, but can't visualize.  I inspire others to live in beautiful spaces, affordable spaces.  I laugh in the face of color! I can do all of these things for anyone, everyone....except for myself...

So why am I throwing myself out there like this.  Possibly ruining my reputation and sending my customers headed into the arms of other equally talented designers?  To make a change.  To inspire change.  To inspire YOU.  To show you my design dilemmas.  I am human, and only perfect in my fairy tale imagination. To force me to create a space I will love, and love to use.

So.  There's  the office.  Thank goodness I didn't show you the bedroom! lol~


  1. I've shown photos of my disaster areas too - believe it or not, people appreciate it when you
    " keep it real "
    Great post!

  2. Love this post. I have the same dilemna! :)

  3. Well, you know what they say about the cobbler's kids having the worst shoes! I have a room downstairs that's a catch all and it could be the subject of a Hoarders' episode! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Don't be embarrassed! I think we all have the same problems...
    Debbie :)

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