Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Meet Flo & Her Finish

Meet Flo, short for Florence:)  Some of the best things in life are shortened.  Burgers & Fries, X&O, vacations! lol~  It seems like there should be more coming to mind, but I'm drawing a blank on what they are.

This dresser had a hand written note dating it to 1894.  I just love little notes like that.  Pieces of history etched into simple things.  This little dresser was probably a prized possession for the lovely young lady who first owned her.  The simple name and date is such a prized treasure.  It's hard to let Flo go.

This is a new distressing technique I've been working on. and I really love how EASY it is!  I'm always looking for other ways to distress Annie's paint.  This technique just happens to be my new fav!  So, I'll share how I acheived it.
You will need:
Chalk Paint®, Decorative furniture paint
Soft wax in clear and dark
Fresh water
Scotch Brite sponge
Paper Towels

1.  Using a brush, paint one coat.  Allow to dry.
2.  Paint a second coat, slightly watered down and allow to dry.
Now for the fun!  Grab your H2O and sponge!

3.  Using the scratchy side of the sponge, distress.  The water and friction from the scratchy side of the sponge quickly and aggressively distress the paint.  Wipe gently with the sponge side or a paper towel to gauge the amount of distressing achieved.
4.  This next step is really important!  Allow the paint to dry after the distressing!  If you don't do this, you risk damaging the wonderful distressed finish!  Drying can be as quick as 20 minutes or as long as an hour depending on the humidity.
5.  Apply clear wax, working it into the paint and wiping off the excess.  Use dark wax to further enhance the distressed finish working in small sections at a time.  Be sure to wipe off excess wax!  Sticky wax is no fun to fix!

This technique is perfect for light handed finishers who don't want to work hard achieving a heavy distressed look.  Yet another amazing reason why Chalk Paint® is so easy to use!

I hope you try this technique out!  Be sure to leave me a comment oh how it worked for you!

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  1. WOW! what a beauty! I love this style and colour:)You certainly gave her some charm!

    1. Thanks Deidre! I love to accentuate her character rather than hide it :)

  2. Such a pretty gal...great color! Thanks for sharing at my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAY party...please be sure to list my party with a link on your post...thanks:)


    1. OOops! Sorry about that! Taken care of! Thanks for hosting!

  3. WOW! that turned out just beautifully! love the finish and of course the color!

  4. Ooohhh, a distresser after my own <3!! :) Love how this turned out!

  5. I would love to know what the letter said:) The color on the dresser is beautiful, what is it? and love your distressing technique.

    1. I will check and let you know. Was going to add it but keep forgetting to write it down :)

  6. USA, isn't, DIY, shoulda...ok I give up. Trying to help you with short forms. 'lol'
    Anyhoo...great job on your Flo!! Love how it turned out. Will have to try this procedure soon.
    I too would love to know what was in the letter...what a wonderful piece of history to have!
    Deborah/Debbie/Deb :)

    1. OMGoodness Debbie! You are SO right and too funny! I knew there had to be more! :) Flo is at the shop, but I will do my best to get a pic of the note and share it soon :)

  7. Beautiful job, fabulous color! I would be delighted for you to link it to Potpourri Friday, in progress and register for the $50 gift card from Shabby Apple!

    1. Thank you Honey:) Linked up this morning :) I do a linky party as well, My Monday Muse. Would love for you to join as well! Thanks for popping by~

  8. Stopping back by to say thank you for sharing your creativity at Potpourri Friday! Thank you for the invite!

  9. Oh, a new way to distress paint. Now you've got my wheels turning....Thanks so much!

    She's a real beauty!

    Small House / Big Sky Donna

  10. I love the color and the distressing job is beautiful!

  11. LOVE it!!! Cheers Kelly @ Stylish Patina,

  12. Beautiful piece and thanx for sharing at THT!

  13. Thank you for sharing your creative touch with Potpourri Friday!

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