Thursday, September 29, 2011


Downtown DeKalb Presents
 Girls' Night Out: Go Red
 This Thursday, September 29
5 - 8 pm
Downtown DeKalb 
 Shopping - Raffles - Food - Fun - Wear RED!

For Girls Night Out Carter's Cottage will be raffling off an Workshop, Part 1, valued at $125!  

Tickets are $3 each or 2 for $5!  Stop in tonight and get your tickets!  Proceeds benefit American Heart Association.

Workshop guests will leave with a sample board of three techniques, 3 Sample pots, a 2" Brush, and KNOWLEDGE to complete their projects!  For more information on classes, visit our site at 
Workshop date is to be determined.

Hope to see you in RED tonight!

Friday, September 9, 2011

NA-DA Farm Presents....

We are very excited to announce Carter's Cottage has been selected to participate in one of Illinois very best Barn Sales located in our own back yard!

NA-DA Farm's A Very Prairie Holiday held October 7th & 8th.  We will be featuring  custom painted furniture and accessories.  For more information on this event, please visit NADAFARMEVENTS.COM. 

We have been working very diligently on the pieces we will be bringing to this event and ordering extra Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I hope if you are in the area, you pop in and introduce yourself.  I love meeting people who share the same passions as myself~

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'll take it!

Remember a few posts back when I chatted about missing the photo op of the kitchen island, found here.  Well, I've had this great little dresser for a few  months now, and had big plans for it.  A Union Jack...a primitive American Flag...all inspiried from the eagle and star hardware.  Due to the shop's grand success, I had to quickly get the dresser painted as I needed to fill a few holes.

After having this beautiful dresser in the window for a week or so, I decided to change it up a bit..actually, I had a few too many things sell, too many new holes again, and it was the perfect size to fill one of those new holes.  After I had it placed, I realized I hadn't gotten an after shot.  There were a few minutes to spare at the end of a busy day so I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots.

I understand they aren't great photos, but I wanted to get a few just to tie me over until I could set up the perfect setting and take some nicer photos.  Well, my 10 minutes till we closed quickly came to an end and I started closing the shop down.  At 5:05, a customer walked in, looked frantically for the "blue dresser from the window!"  A look for pure joy and relief came over her face as I pointed her in the direction of the dresser.  She pulled the tag and quickly walked up to the desk and proudly announced, "I'll take it!"

Smiling to myself, I gladly wrote her ticket up and loaded it into her car.  As she drove off, I realized how much I enjoy hearing "I'll take it! and how happy I was that I got at least 2 after shots of it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Harvest Table

Today... the weather has been so beautiful...low 70's with a gentle wind as the sun kisses everything it touches.  

Today... is a perfect day for friends and family to come together for dinner in the garden.

This is a beautiful harvest table, library table actually, my friend Pam recently found at a sale. 

I couldn't resist taking a moment to set the table in her garden with my china, her crystal, and some of my favorite accent pieces from my home.

Looks like it would fit beautifully in Country Living!
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Island

No, not the Island Hawaii..the kitchen island.

Mr. Cottage found this beautiful work bench at an auction in good ol Southern Illinois~ where the tea is sweet, and bless your heart follows children around at church pick-nicks and gatherings at the lake.  Oh how I have missed my friends and family at the lake this summer.

This re-newed work bench turned kitchen island makes me long for days at the lake where friends gather around, laugh, eat, drink, sing, and create new memories~
This is headed to the shop and I'm sure it won't last long.  It is the perfect bar height and has locking caster wheels.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

One of those days...

Yes, we all have them.  And yes, no matter who you are, or what those days entail..they just happen.  What I have found is that how those days affect you, family, friends and even innocent strangers is all in your perspective.

I recently had one of those days.  It didn't start out that way...both of my wonderful kids got up for school and were ready before it was nice :)  My third child, Holly golden was excited as she used to get only one car ride in the mornings and now she gets two.  Sent Mr. Cottage a lovely text letting him know the morning went swimmingly well. 

I went to the shop and things were great!  A busy weekend left the shop a little unkempt, but nothing too bad.  Sherrie from A Ruffled Nest was working with me that morning, so life was good. I was working on the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint cabinet and was so excited to watch it transform from a heap of wood into a beautifully detailed  cabinet.  We chatted about the weekend, upcoming sales & markets, and enjoyed each others company while we worked.  As the day came to an end, the cabinet wasn't finished, but was at a point that the paint could go back up.  This is where my day became one of those days where it all fell apart...literately.

There were only 6 quarts of paint left to put on the cabinet.  I bent down to place 2 quarts on the bottom shelf and I heard a loud crashing sound.  Not that I've heard this sound before, but something told me to run!  And I did as best as I could...which in the shop, wasn't far nor fast.  As I chose my steps carefully, I felt quarts of paint hitting my shoulder, arm, leg and feet and then the cold thick paint drip down my thigh while I slipped in my paint soked flip flops.

When the excitement settled, I turned around to see 46 quarts of paint lying in puddles of Emily, Paris Grey, Old White, Primer Red, Duck Egg Blue, Arles, and Henrietta.  Still in shock, I stood there watching my beloved paint stain the carpet.  I then realized, I needed to act fast if I were ever to get this mess cleaned up.  Grabbing the phone with my paint laden hands, I called Laura from Whimsical Perspective and my good friend Julie.  Laura and her Husband brought their shop vac and Julie fled her family to help me.  I am so blessed!  I have the most awesome friends!

As I started cleaning up the spill so loving referred to as the aftershock felt only at Carter's Cottage (As it was the day after the earth quake on the east coast) I amazingly wasn't too upset.  Laura says I was strangely calm.  At first, it was because I was starting to feel the bruising my body had taken from the 46 quarts of paint falling onto me.  As we worked, I just kept thanking God that this happened after the shop closed.  That it was me that was here and not one of my gals from the shop.  That I was only bruised not broken.  That the paint though expensive, it could be replaced.  That my friends who have become family were only a phone call away.  That my friend & neighbor Pam went to stay with my kids as Julie and I worked for many hours cleaning the carpet and putting the shop back together for the next day.  That no other items in the shop were broken or destroyed from the accident.

You see, sometimes one of those days are the days you realize how blessed you are.