Friday, August 26, 2011

A Nutting Factory Cart

Mr. Cottage and I went to Kane County Flee Market a few weeks ago and found several great finds.  One of which I am truly saddened over as I never even got a photo of it before it sold.

It was such a surprise when I rolled this kitchen cart into the shop, unfinished, grabbed some Graphite, and just set the can down when one of our best customers walked in and said "I'll take it!"  Surprised, no shocked, I looked around to see what exactly she was "Taking!" and found it was the kitchen cart!  Not even painted yet!  Ugh!  It was so nice to have it sold, but the camera never found it's way to the shop before it was picked up.

So I am taking before pictures of our Nutting Factory Cart before it even leaves the garage.  Sorry about the messy photos~  I will be sure to post after shots once it is finished.  And yet again, another piece I would love to keep   at home with me~

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Secretary

Oh where to begin~  I have been working on this secretary for quite a while.  With so many choices, it's was a difficult decision.  Graphite and Old White won, and as you can see.  Sometimes I tend to play it safe, as generally safe sells.  However, what I have found lately is most of the furniture I have painted every other color other than Graphite and Old White sells..sometimes even before I get it finished.  We will have to see how long this lasts...if it makes it to the shop :)

For now, it has found a temporary home in my living room. (Until tomorrow when it is supposed to find   a place in the shop)  Truly, it's a good thing as I love my piano, and this wall is the only wall in my home that both the secretary and piano can be placed on right now.  If I ever finish our office, the piano will move to the office, while this beautiful secretary will have to come back home with me...if it doesn't sell first! 

My son was hurt at football yesterday..something about his rotator cuff?? OUCH! do you know what that means?!  It has to stay at my house for a while...or forever! lol~
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Na-Da Farm Life with Anne-Marie~

Sometimes...well..a lot of the time I have the tendency to ramble.  I enjoy writing my thoughts down on paper or on screen.  It is my way of decompressing and processing...rambling. 

I have a friend, Anne Marie of Na-Da Farm Life, who writes and blogs so beautifully.  Her elegance to some may appear too simple, but to me it is timeless and effortless.  My reading choices are often edgy and force me to consider events and situations that challenge my beliefs, morals, and characters which I truly LOVE.  Anne Marie's writing is reading that relaxes me and I often get lost in her words.  When I look up, the weight of what ever was crushing me is often gone and time has flown by.  I love reading Anne-Marie's blog on days like today~

Recently Anne-Marie featured my little shop on her blog.  I truly hope you visit her and relax a bit while you read her stories.  The pictures I am posting today are from Anne-Marie's blog.  She makes the most delightful Lemon & Lavender cupcakes.  My taste buds are longing for them~


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Hutch is FINALLY DONE! (read to the end hint hint!)

The shop has really been keeping me hopping.  Our grand opening was this past weekend, and I thought I had enough pieces to keep the shop full... WRONG!

And here's how the story goes...
Mr. Cottage and I went to a sale and bought a few pieces that didn't need much work so we decided to take them directly to the shop so I could work on them when time permitted  After all they really, really didn't need much work.

Well,  while we were at the sale, Pam sold 3 huge pieces while we were at the the new pieces went straight into the "holes".  As I picked the colors and plopped the quarts on each piece to be painted, they sold!  Yes!  Not even painted, they SOLD!  So, 3 pieces sold on Sunday, and then another 2-3 pieces sold on Monday & Wednesday!  Now, the Grand Opening was only days away...and yes I've been working on 2 particular projects for about a month now...simply because of lack of time I haven't had a chance to get them done...but the shop had some pretty major holes with nothing really ready to fill them!  Luckily, the girls in the shop pulled together and brought in extra beautifully finished pieces, while I worked endlessly on finishing at least one of the two projects I had started and got it into the store Friday, just a couple short hours before our customers came in!

Thankfully husbands & friends were running back and forth bringing in pieces to fill in the gaps.  It was such an exciting time!  At the end of the night on Friday, our "Staging" room, which was occupied by Olympic Chiropractic giving free chair massages during our Ladies Night out, was filled and ready for Saturday shoppers!  This was the routine all weekend long!  A piece would find a loving new home, and another piece would file out!  By Sunday Morning, the "Staging" room was completely EMPTY!  Yes, the store has a few holes that need to be addressed, but I have 2 days to get some projects finished and put the shop back together! :)

Oh yes, this post is supposed to be all about the hutch!  Oops!

This hutch was a thrift store find YEARS ago!  It has housed Stampin' Up! supplies, Irish Crystal, photos, bills, and everything in between.  Recently I decided I needed a change. So out with the hutch and into the shop it went. 

Funny thing is, I originally painted it black...and loved it.  For some reason I thought I would try yellow..but the wheat colored yellow I thought I bought was more like SUNLIGHT!  So not what I was going for.  Back to black it went!  I did like how the inside of the hutch looked bright!  I could finally see what was in there...but it was still bright enough to light up my garage so I decided to warm it up a bit with some gel stain...distressed the edges, removed the glass and replaced it with chicken wire..and this is how it ended up.  I LOVE it, but not enough for it to make it's way back into my home.  I've found another hutch I love more, and right now the shop really needs it!

Until then,
Enjoy today, its a present!

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Grand Opening Update! *be sure to read all the way to the bottom! (hint hint!)

Grand Prize Winners!
Mary Gwillim
Ice Cream Gift Basket
Amy Mathey
Longagerger Gift Basket filled with candles,
tins, and unique gifts found  at Carter's Cottage
Kennifer Mathey
$15 Gift Certificate
Chris Jamrrozik
$15 Gift Certificate
Michelle Hart
$75 Gift Certificate
Congratulations to our winners!
We kicked off the weekend with a Ladies Night out on Friday with goodie bags, special drawings and sales!  Everyone enjoyed sweet treats while they shopped and a friendly atmosphere! 

Saturday our shoppers enjoyed goodie bags filled with coupons from Dol ce Vita Salon & Spa, Huckelberry's Pet Parlor, samples from Kathy Kushman our Mary Kay Representative along with several other great goodies from local businesses.  Was so much fun and awesome to meet so many of our amazing customers!

Until then, Enjoy today!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011



It's time for our Grand Opening!  Please come celebrate with us the opening of the newest little shop in Down Town DeKalb
209 E. Lincoln Highway
DeKalb, Illinois  60115

Here is a list of events for our Grand Opening Weekend!
Friday, August 12th
Ladie's Night Out Sale
5-7 Free Chair Massages from Olympic Chiropractic

Saturday, August 13th
Free Goodie Bags while they last!

Sunday, August 14th
Grand Prize Drawings!

Many of the local shops are joining us for our Grand Opening Weekend!  Please stop by My Favorite Things, Cracker Jax, & Primitive Chick for a fun shopping night Friday night 5-7!

This is COOL!...wait...but it is!

I know, I know...lame lol~  But, this is pretty really it's well, I don't know what it is..SWELL!  It's SWELL! That's what it is! :)

This is an ice chest from the 1930's I believe.  If you have more information, I would truly appreciate you sharing it with me!  The original brass tag is still intact on the front and graces the name "WARD".  Yes, there is a tag on the back too, but I forgot to take a quick pic!  I'll have to get back to ya on that one!

I picked this HEAVY, but very cool, swell freezer from a tag sale this weekend.  The paint may be worn, the insides dusty, and the copper pipes a little corroded, but it is just a piece of history and nostalgia I can't seem to stop ooooohhh-ing and aaaahhh-ing over!

The closures and hinges are in amazing condition!  They probably weigh 3 lbs each!  Which only adds to the charm of the piece to me.  And yes, again with that original tag!  Not to sound like my grandparents..but they really don't make things like they used to!

Oh! And when was the last time you cautiously popped your discerning nose in a used freezer/refrigerator and were pleasantly surprised to find...NO SMELL?!!  Yep!  Not even a note of must...Dust on the other hand...plenty of that!  Good ol soap and water took care of that though.

To my surprise, it even has the original shelves!  2 of them!  Not quite sure about the top compartment where the ice would sit.  But it's still a very swell piece.  From what Mr. Cottage and I gathered, the ice block would sit in the top compartment on a rack system.  Below the rack is a drain pipe (as seen in the back of the bottom compartment).  As the ice would melt, the water would flow down the pipe and out of the ice chest.  Simple engineering that still works today. :)

Mr. Cottage doesn't get into the whole "antique" idea very often...but even he is loving this one!

It's temporary home is in the shop so stop by and come take a peak!  Over the last few days, I picked up 3 truck loads of new treasures!  Several of my finds are making their way into the shop piece by piece for our Grand Opening this weekend!  Stop by and say hello!  I would love to meet ya!
Until next time~

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