Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Top 10 Must Have Tools

This is my Top 10 Must Have tools that I work with nearly every time I head to the workshop.  Yes, some of these are somewhat unique and expensive..but remember, I'm WAY TOO CHEAP FRUGAL to buy a tool just because it's cool.  It must serve it's purpose, and in many cases have more than one purpose.   And just to enforce how cheap frugal I truly am, some of these are SO inexpensive, you'll probably question me if I actually use it.   Go ahead...ask! :)
So, here's #10!

 #10. Kobalt 13-in-1 Multi Bit Ratchet Screwdriver available at Lowes.

This is the best screwdriver BY FAR!  The reason is simple, see all those bits...they store in the handle!  I simply hate when I'm removing hardware with a flat tip only to find the next drawer has Phillips screws!  Off I go running back to the good ol tool box!  Per Mr. Cottage, I must return a tool to receive another...I hate this rule even more because inevitably the very next drawer will be back to flat tip screws...and off I go again.  (I'm sure you get the picture :)

I love how this handy dandy screwdriver ratchets.  With a twist of my wrist, I'm tightening or loosening screws in record time!  The 13 bits, which did I mention store in the handle (AWESOME), include 4 flat tips, 4 Phillips, hex & torx bits, and a magnet.  No more running back and forth searching for 2 or 3 different screwdrivers!   

Have I mentioned it's price?  It's under $10!  Perfect for a stocking stuffer!  I keep one in the kitchen, one in my car, one in my workshop and one in the laundry room.  Yes, I am totally addicted to this product. Oh and no, Lowes nor Kobalt are paying me to say any of this! :)  

Stay tuned to see what's next on my Top 10 Must Have Tools!



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