Saturday, December 17, 2011

NaDa Farms Simply Christmas

Many of you remember visiting us, and sharing in our story of Anne Marie's "A Very Prarie Holiday".  I can still feel the tingle on my skin of excitement from that beautiful event!  The adrealin rush of moving all of our furniture, treasures, and paint and the customers and flash bulbs that seemed to flash like fireworks.  It was an exciting time for me and the shop.  What I've always remembered most about Anne Marie and the event was her constant inner peace.  Thru all the little hiccups, Anne stood tall and calm.  Nothing truly seemed to rattle her nor her lovely family~

I often say, "Tis' the season.."  followed by for chaos, excitement, or stress.  No, I'm not a downer, just a shop owner.  I see every disappointed customer, child, and frustrated mom and my heart aches.  I know I can't fix, find, or have everyone's every want.  But even knowing that doesn't mean I don't feel the disappointment also.  This is supposed to be "The most wonderful time of the year!"...but we often don't slow down and embrace the amazing gift we could ever get. 

My mind quickly is reset from that thinking when I read Anne's blog and her new e-book.  Her simple yet powerful message of simple holiday traditions brings a calm peace to me.  When I flip thru the pages and the beautiful photography greets me, it warms my heart!  Her recipes are mouth watering and her projects are family inviting. 

Anne Marie's E-book is "46 pages about slowing down this holiday season and enjoying simple traditions…
from our farmhouse to you!"  To purchase, please visit

Happy Christmas & a Merry New Year!


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