Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My NaDa Journey~

The hustle and bustle I have been whirling around in for the past few weeks came to an end on Saturday afternoon.  As Mr. Cottage and I traveled down the short road home, I was sadden to come so quickly to the end of my first NaDa journey.  I am quietly reflecting on the events of this past weekend all the while dreaming and hoping to be included in the next NaDa Event.

Yes, this even truly is as amazing as everyone says.  It's as if it were a dream from which I didn't want to wake.  After reading several posts and hearing it described as fairytale, magical, wonderful and amazing...it was all of these things and so much more.

Meeting so many blogging friends from Indy, Wisconsin, Colorado, New Jersey, Iowa, and yes Illinois warmed my heart~  Having my creative soul replenished from amazing artists such as Anne Marie, Jen Rizzo, Jill Harris, Jeanne Oliver, Laura Bright, Sherrie Larkins, Polly, and the Prairie has reminded me of what is most important in this journey...connecting with God and sharing my gift of design & creativity, & passion for touching the lives of others with kindness and understanding.

 Sherrie (Photo credit), Laura, myself, & Camille
Someone asked, "Did you sell a lot of paint & furniture? Was all this worth it for you?" My answer was simple and honest.  No, I did not sell "a lot of paint & furniture".  And yes, it was worth every second of every minute it took to put this on from the very first mention from Anne Marie till I placed the last can of paint back on the shelf at the shop.  It was worth every second.

Sometimes we can't measure success in dollars, productivity, profit margins or losses.  Sometimes we must measure success in how an event filled our soul....maybe even changed us even if it was just for the journey.  It created a memory that filled my every sense.  I can close my eyes and head back there no matter where I am or what I'm doing.  Yes my friends, it was well worth it~ 


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  1. Love your post. You're right...it was worth it. I felt the same way after we loaded our items back into the caravan of cars. It felt like the day after Christmas when all of the excitement is over. It was very calming but a bit sad. I am very much looking forward to our next creative adventure together. And possibly a cinnamon roll.

  2. Love your last 2 paragraphs. You are so right. "Worth" really is how part of the journey in life fills our soul and cannot be measured monetarily.

  3. That union jack dresser is great!

  4. Christie -

    You had a very nice display. I was there for only a short time after Jill's jewelry class and then I had to get back. Did briefly talk to Candy, and you were right, she did remember me. You were with customers otherwise I would have introduced myself. You were planting seeds and sometimes it just takes a while to realize the fruits of your labor. Until next time.........

    Connie (akaLOU)

  5. Your painted furniture is beautiful. I love your sentiment, it is true in so many aspects of life. I found you from The Ruffled Nest and am following you now. Patty

  6. What a GREAT attitude! I love the way you see life..just plain fantastic! :):)

  7. Christie,We could not agree more. Love the dresser too!

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