Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'll take it!

Remember a few posts back when I chatted about missing the photo op of the kitchen island, found here.  Well, I've had this great little dresser for a few  months now, and had big plans for it.  A Union Jack...a primitive American Flag...all inspiried from the eagle and star hardware.  Due to the shop's grand success, I had to quickly get the dresser painted as I needed to fill a few holes.

After having this beautiful dresser in the window for a week or so, I decided to change it up a bit..actually, I had a few too many things sell, too many new holes again, and it was the perfect size to fill one of those new holes.  After I had it placed, I realized I hadn't gotten an after shot.  There were a few minutes to spare at the end of a busy day so I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots.

I understand they aren't great photos, but I wanted to get a few just to tie me over until I could set up the perfect setting and take some nicer photos.  Well, my 10 minutes till we closed quickly came to an end and I started closing the shop down.  At 5:05, a customer walked in, looked frantically for the "blue dresser from the window!"  A look for pure joy and relief came over her face as I pointed her in the direction of the dresser.  She pulled the tag and quickly walked up to the desk and proudly announced, "I'll take it!"

Smiling to myself, I gladly wrote her ticket up and loaded it into her car.  As she drove off, I realized how much I enjoy hearing "I'll take it! and how happy I was that I got at least 2 after shots of it.


  1. It's a beautiful piece Christie. I can see why she made no hesitation. I have to make it by your store. Congrats on your success.

  2. Christie -

    This dresser is beautiful! We saw it when we stopped in on 8/21 to pick up some ASCP. My husband loved it (in fact, I have a picture of this piece as well for future inspiration) and Candy told us how you did it with the two different colors but I thought too over the top to try for my first piece so I played it safe. Perhaps another time. Your store is lovely with many beautiful pieces and antiques. We also purchased a tall table lamp that day. Thanks for the follow and leaving a comment. So cool you found the blog with your store! Hope to meet you at Na-Da Farm.
    Connie (aka LOU)

  3. Christie, that's an AWESOME story! I LOVE it, I can see why it sold so immediately, REALLY cool!

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