Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Na-Da Farm Life with Anne-Marie~

Sometimes...well..a lot of the time I have the tendency to ramble.  I enjoy writing my thoughts down on paper or on screen.  It is my way of decompressing and processing...rambling. 

I have a friend, Anne Marie of Na-Da Farm Life, who writes and blogs so beautifully.  Her elegance to some may appear too simple, but to me it is timeless and effortless.  My reading choices are often edgy and force me to consider events and situations that challenge my beliefs, morals, and characters which I truly LOVE.  Anne Marie's writing is reading that relaxes me and I often get lost in her words.  When I look up, the weight of what ever was crushing me is often gone and time has flown by.  I love reading Anne-Marie's blog on days like today~

Recently Anne-Marie featured my little shop on her blog.  I truly hope you visit her and relax a bit while you read her stories.  The pictures I am posting today are from Anne-Marie's blog.  She makes the most delightful Lemon & Lavender cupcakes.  My taste buds are longing for them~



  1. Anne Marie is a sweetheart. I love her blog too. Saw your feature. Congrats.

  2. Oh Christie....that is so nice....it was super having you over the other night - and Laura is a beauty inside and out, like you - you both graced the farm with your "chicness"

    I seriously have found like 8 pieces I want to paint in this house now....I'm even considering our huge slaybed that is currently deep dark stain....and the side tables that are on either side
    (uh: who rambles??)

    Anne Marie