Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Hutch is FINALLY DONE! (read to the end hint hint!)

The shop has really been keeping me hopping.  Our grand opening was this past weekend, and I thought I had enough pieces to keep the shop full... WRONG!

And here's how the story goes...
Mr. Cottage and I went to a sale and bought a few pieces that didn't need much work so we decided to take them directly to the shop so I could work on them when time permitted  After all they really, really didn't need much work.

Well,  while we were at the sale, Pam sold 3 huge pieces while we were at the sale...so the new pieces went straight into the "holes".  As I picked the colors and plopped the quarts on each piece to be painted, they sold!  Yes!  Not even painted, they SOLD!  So, 3 pieces sold on Sunday, and then another 2-3 pieces sold on Monday & Wednesday!  Now, the Grand Opening was only days away...and yes I've been working on 2 particular projects for about a month now...simply because of lack of time I haven't had a chance to get them done...but the shop had some pretty major holes with nothing really ready to fill them!  Luckily, the girls in the shop pulled together and brought in extra beautifully finished pieces, while I worked endlessly on finishing at least one of the two projects I had started and got it into the store Friday, just a couple short hours before our customers came in!

Thankfully husbands & friends were running back and forth bringing in pieces to fill in the gaps.  It was such an exciting time!  At the end of the night on Friday, our "Staging" room, which was occupied by Olympic Chiropractic giving free chair massages during our Ladies Night out, was filled and ready for Saturday shoppers!  This was the routine all weekend long!  A piece would find a loving new home, and another piece would file out!  By Sunday Morning, the "Staging" room was completely EMPTY!  Yes, the store has a few holes that need to be addressed, but I have 2 days to get some projects finished and put the shop back together! :)

Oh yes, this post is supposed to be all about the hutch!  Oops!

This hutch was a thrift store find YEARS ago!  It has housed Stampin' Up! supplies, Irish Crystal, photos, bills, and everything in between.  Recently I decided I needed a change. So out with the hutch and into the shop it went. 

Funny thing is, I originally painted it black...and loved it.  For some reason I thought I would try yellow..but the wheat colored yellow I thought I bought was more like SUNLIGHT!  So not what I was going for.  Back to black it went!  I did like how the inside of the hutch looked bright!  I could finally see what was in there...but it was still bright enough to light up my garage so I decided to warm it up a bit with some gel stain...distressed the edges, removed the glass and replaced it with chicken wire..and this is how it ended up.  I LOVE it, but not enough for it to make it's way back into my home.  I've found another hutch I love more, and right now the shop really needs it!

Until then,
Enjoy today, its a present!

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  1. She looks beautiful and congrats on the success of your shop. Maybe you need to up the price a bit so it doesn't fly out so fast.

  2. it looks beautiful- i love that the white dishes just pop against the black!

  3. Just surfing in and loved the story of your new shoppe and selling out as quickly as you reloaded.

    The hutch is lovely!!

    Visiting from Restore Interiors linky party,
    ~Suzanne in IL

  4. BEAUTIFUL!! Congrats on your successes!!!!

    Deborah, visiting from

  5. Really pretty. You can never go wrong with black!

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