Sunday, July 10, 2011

The NEWEST Stockist for Chalk Paint®!

Yes, my Friends!  That's right! This is my big news reveal!  I am one of the newest stockists for the Chalk Paint®!

Friday was such a whirl wind...the paint arrived...and I had a fellow blogger there with camera in hand to photo-document it!  I don't think she was quite ready for all the hustle and bustle that descended upon sweating buckets, cases and cases, and cases of paint, wax and books...customers shopping, asking questions...oh you name it, it happened!  It was so exciting!

Oh and all the colors!!! I can't wait to pop open a can of each color!  Everyone knows I have enough furniture to paint 3 pieces in each color...but which pieces in what color? lol~  And to think there will be more colors coming soon!  Oh MY!

So, as for how to purchase the paint from me...well you are always welcome to stop by the shop at 209 E. Lincoln Hwy. DeKalb Illinois.  Or you can call the shop at 815.754.9700.  And starting next week you can order it on line at 

I have to laugh...these pics are after the cases and cases were kindly moved to the basement by my son and Mr. Cottage.  Seriously, the shop was so upside down! When 55 cases of product is delivered...IT'S A LOT OF PRODUCT!  Yes, there are still boxes still unpacked, but don't let that detour you from stopping in!  We are happy to open new boxes and share our excitement!

Hope to see you soon!


  1. Congrat Christie! Best of luck to you. Sell, sell, sell!

  2. So excited for you!! I'll be ordering some soon :)

  3. I have not tried the paint yet! I paint everything that does not move so it's a matter of time before I get on the band wagon.


  4. Hi there! I'm your newest follower, and have been reading about you opening your new shoppe (comments in another post about it) but I see you are a stockist for ASCP-- and I'm not thatttt far from you! I'm in the Dixon, IL area!

    So when it's time for me to "take the plunge" I'll have to drive to DeKalb and pick me up some from your shoppe!!

    ~Suzanne in Dixon, IL

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