Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Your Opinion Please CONTINUED...

Hello Friends!
First let me say Thank You! to everyone for your comments, suggestions, and opinions!  I read them carefully, and then re-read them a few more times!  Several of you asked me questions in return that I had not contemplated..which was exactly what I was hopping for~ Awesome & Thank You!  It prodded me into thinking outside of the ol box...which is something I need help with!  You see, I live in something more like a constantly morphing bubble lol~

Let me take a quick moment to answer a couple of those questions you asked me!
1. Is this for you, or to sell in a shop?
  Not for me, to put in my new shop.

2.  Is the condition as bad as you think it is?  Or is it minor, limited to the top of the one piece?
  I really wanted to paint this, but once I saw the details, I had to completely rethink painting it.  The veneer on top of the desk is very damaged, and would be impossible for me to restore to original.  On the curved sides of the desk, the veneer is loose, but could be re-glued.  I could fix the damaged veneer on top, and paint the top, legs, and chair as many of you suggested. :)

3.  Are the flowers painted on or decals?
Upon further inspection, the desk flowers are painted. The side table has decals with painted details on the top.

4. So what are you going to do with these beauties?
I'm going to repair the top of the desk and loose veneer on the sides.  Paint the top, legs, and chair a creamy yellow color, close to the color that is already on it.  And leave the rest alone! :)
If it doesn't sell after a while, I will probably paint the entire thing.

Now, to pick a color~ lol!  I hope I can make a decision on that one!  I first thought I would paint it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in cream with an antique finish.  What a surprise on that one lol~  Then after chatting with Annie, she suggested Old Orcher with a little Arles mixed in.  She thought this would be the closest color match to what is already on the set...which I love!

Though I have been on the fence, I have been swayed and am now a believer!  No, I haven't used it yet. (gasp..what?)  I recently put my first order in, unfortunately not of the two colors I'm going to be painting this set with (guess I am ensuring additional orders to soon follow lol~).

What has swayed me was Annie's customer service.  To take time to email me directly, answer specific questions about color, longevity, and quality, shows Annie is committed to her company and more importantly, her customers.  No, it wasn't a girlfriend chat over coffee...it was a nitty gritty answer a wavering customers answers to prove your product. She convinced me~  She is good!

As many of you may not know, I am an ultra conservative when it comes to color. Lol~ Look at my blog of what I've painted!  Black & white! lol~ Sorry, I digress...

After being in design, and dealing with customers not capable of making a decision on white, or winter white for their walls (good grief!)...I understand the need to be "neutral" with how I approach the painted furniture I sell in the shoppes.  White & black are "safe" colors, unlike other muted colors and forget brightly painted things!  No they aren't as much fun, but if it's a large piece, I stay neutral.  I know! I know!  I stay neutral any way! :) Believe it or not...Color does make me happy!  AND...one persons beloved red is anther's hated orange.

Perhaps this set will open my eyes to colorful painted furniture.  We will see!
Until next time~
Carter's Cottage Interiors


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