Thursday, May 19, 2011

Garage SALE!

I'm sorry I've been MIA for the past few days.  Things have been pretty crazy around here for many reasons, namely because of the big  annual garage sale.  I thought I'd share a few pics of things that are up for grabs.

This was my daughters bed.  Very cute, but she's not a day bed kinda gal.  So, it's up for grabs!

Here is a really cool Czech table.  The top has decals of roses.  I just love this table...but don't really need it.

Alright, I got this little chair a while back and thought I'd re-new it.  It's in amazing condition! Finding chairs without damaged rattan is rare!  Will be an awesome find for some lucky person!

This is a sad set.  I took the hardware off because there were a few pulls missing and put them on a different set that needed less pulls.  I was going to re-new them...but I've come across a few other great finds that will require less work! So, I hate to see them go! But...time to make room for Flo!
This is a unique set of odds.  Very old chair in need of a new rattan seat...yep damaged rattan lol~  Foot stool with loose legs.  And a vanity bench that just didn't seam to match the vanity so it has to go!

And finally, oh, not that this is my last piece for the garage sale...I have so much stuff I hope I sell most of it, but would be happy if I sold a quarter of it! lol~  Back to this little set.  This is a vintage tele table that's in very good condition.  Would look great painted a bright orange! Or whatever color you like!

So off to bed I go!  I hope I can sleep tonight! Big sale tomorrow!


  1. Thank you for stopping by Christie! :)
    The FBFF post was a great opportunity to say out loud what most of us think sometimes ;)

    Good luck on your garage sale! You have some pretty cool items there, I think it will turn out great, hope you'll sell everything!!!!

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