Monday, April 18, 2011

Your opinion PLEASE!

Hello my Friends!

***Fair warning: MANY PICTURES!***

Though I was out of the re-purposing/refinishing loop for a bit, I was still trying to find time to buy great treasures.  I have found if you look hard enough, and lady luck just happens to be sitting close by, you will find exactly what you are looking for!  That is just exactly what happened to me Friday!

Being somewhat confined to my desk, I decided to take a break from studying (I'm going to grad school and had a HUGE test. Hence my disappearance). I pulled up my old friend know Craig right? He's got this amazing list of stuff for sale.  He calls it Craigslist! lol~ (Need  humor..test was 5 hours long! On a Saturday!) Ok..ok...

Here is my latest and greatest treasure!  I purchased this from the sweetest Polish Babcia!  She had purchased it for her grand daughter from friends who immigrated from Poland and France.  I'm guessing it was the wife's as she was from France and it looks very French to me.

  It is in amazing condition structurally.  As you can see the desk top does have an issue or two.  With it's age, there are bumps, scrapes, and rub marks on all three pieces.  The flower paintings/decals? are good, but not great. Again the desk shows the most worn finish with the flowers completely missing from the top and the veneer chipped and missing.  The chair, though very petite, is very sturdy as well as the side table.  I simply am in LOVE with this set!  I just don't know what to do with it though!  Leave it alone? Restore it to nearly new with new veneer?  Fix and paint?  I just don't know!

The Babcia was so sweet, I wasn't even going to bargain a better price...but she just kept offering less.  I think I was in shock with beauty and condition  the set, not to mention her garage full of treasures she was selling! At first I didn't realize she was going further down in price because I wasn't responding.  I finally came to and yelled, I think, "That's fine! I'll take it!".  I know, you should never interrupt when the seller is offering a better price, but I started to feel like I was taking advantage of this sweet Babcia!  And I never even opened my mouth to offer less! lol~  Oh the guilt!  Which is another reason I just don't know what to do with it! lol~

Still in shock, I don't even know how I realized her other treasures! Oh the silver & antiques!  And nearly everything was in amazing condition, with a detailed history of the piece, and from another country.  It was like a little slice of heaven!  If only I had the money to buy everything, I would have.  I did walk away with a sweet little antique mirror and newish picture frame.  But I wouldn't let her take less than what was marked!

Here's where you come in, my Friend!   Your opinion Please!  Tell me what you would do with this?  Paint, fix, or what? Or, what you WOULDN'T do with this! I'm so excited to hear from you!

Sorry about the pictures! Think my camera needs some coffee :) 

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  1. I heart Craig :)
    don't paint over... these are beautiful pieces! fix ! i vote for fix!

  2. Wow these are great! I am painting something right now that looks a little like this. It is hard to make the decision of painting or not. Just live with it for awhile that usually makes my mind up. I am now a new follower! Come visit!

  3. that is gorgeous... i say sit with it awhile too! : ) thanks for stopping by today!! : )

  4. Oh so amazingly beautiful. I vote for fixing. I think painting it would take away from it's original beauty. Great find! Congrats.

  5. Christie,
    Remember my first post? My decision to paint two similar pieces came after analyzing the extent of damage and the time and cost for restoration. Also, are you going to keep or sell? These don't seem too far gone. Live with them a little and let the decision come naturally.

  6. I vote for fix not paint, they are gorgeous as is:) Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  7. This one is a tough-y. I usually can tell right off the bat if something needs painting, but these are amazing as is. Of course, I'm going by the pix and in person they could look totally different. But my gut is saying leave alone. You could always paint them later.
    Good luck!

  8. Those are a tremendous find!! I can tell you're pretty happy about it. :) You might think of bringing them to an antique or consignment place and get an idea of value as is. They might end up being worth a fortune, then you'd feel bad if you painted them. It looks from the pictures as if the only part that has finish issues right now is the desk top? Maybe sand just the top down and paint/glaze it to match the body of the cute little chair? It would tie it in and make it look more like a set and you will have dealt with the finish issue but kept the rest in tact. But at the heart of it all, if you plan on keeping them, I say do what you will love. If you love them as is, then leave them. If you'd love them more painted and glazed, do that! :)

  9. Hopping over from Debbie Doos Newbie Party - I vote to fix if at all possible. The beauty of the wood should be preserved unless it's just too badly gone (and they don't look bad at all).

    I'm following now! You can find me at:

  10. Wow, they are beautiful. I guess I'm going to go against popular votes and say paint and antique glaze. The detail in the carvings will be a vision!! But i'm on a kick to do that with everything right now... they are beautiful as is too! great find!

  11. The floral painting on these gorgeous pieces are too pretty to cover up! Please, please leave them and just restore them to their former glory. I see pieces like these at antique shops and they are not cheap!

    I am SO jealous!!!

  12. I would leave them alone for now and think on it... If it were me, I'd leave them alone for good but you may find a little you can do here and there that spruces them up but doesn't take away from the original color and design. Lucky you!!!

  13. I am the first person to grab a paintbrush and start transforming an old piece, but this set deserves a second chance (IMHO).
    The painted design is so charming. You might have to redo the top to make it look good, but I would truly try to save the other parts.

    A good tinted wax will hide a lot of issues. However, if it doesn't work, it would have to be removed with mineral spirits before you paint it.

    Good luck with it and definitely bring it back to Treasure Hunt Thursday when you get it finished.

  14. Oh this is beautiful. I am not sure what I would do with it though. I think I would base my decision on whether I will be keeping it or not. If you are keeping it, please yourself.

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