Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Victorian Egyptian Revival Silver....What??

Alright, yes you did read that correctly.  I know, it took me a while to wrap my mind around this one too.  After much thought and referring back to my design school books, hours of research on the net, and great discussion with my friend Pam..it all makes sense!

And so the story goes,

Pam and I went to an estate sale last Friday and I stumbled across this silver set.  I kinda scratched my head, and carried it around with me while I shopped only to finally put it back.  As soon as we left, REGRET set in!  But I was on a tight time line! I was meeting a customer of mine and had just enough time to get there. So, no time to go back.  And with the events of the day, the shop I was in closing, moving my things, finding a new shop, and oh yeah, my super sweet customer!  Well you get the picture.  The regret I felt over not buying the set soon left and was filled with the daunting task ahead of me that day.

Bright and early the next day, I texted Pam to see if she wanted to go back. She immediately said YES! and we hopped in my van and took off!  As soon as we got to the sale, we went our separate ways, Pam to the basement for a Christmas village she had her eye on, and me towards the mantle where a silver vase was yesterday..but gone once I got there.  So I quickly headed towards the basement.  The set was still there! I was shocked, but then again was I really?

This has got to be the strangest set I have ever seen! The Egyptian heads with the big scroll-y Art Nouveau flowers, paired with the band of Victorian highly detailed forest scene?  What exactly is this???  Finally I came to the decision to buy it, but not for the price marked.  After all, the covered sugar was missing the lid.  I bargained with the sales lady for a mere $25 for the set.  Yep, you read that right.  I don't usually like to broadcast the price of my finds, especially when it could be considered a sin!  But this time is different.  Why, you may ask?  Because I truly have no idea what it's worth! If you know, I would be forever thankful if you shared with me!

Once I got home, I realized I did have the covered sugar & lid.  So what was this extra piece? After much research I found the weird extra piece was actually a waste decanter for honey comb and tea leaves.  Neat!  The set as I have it includes a coffee pot, tea pot, covered sugar, and wast decanter.  It is missing the creamer, but I think it's fine! I've never seen a "waste decanter"!   Oh, and this set is strangely large!  The coffee pot is almost 14" tall with the covered sugar 91/2"!

There are many pictures due to the detailing of this set.  It truly is the strangest thing, don't you think?  If you know anything about this, please share!  The stamp is the original stamp from the Aurora S.P. Mfg. Co. from Aurora Illinois.  (Which is just a hop from where I live!)  This stamp dates it to around 1869 to mid 1880's.  One of the first sets made by this company.

The Victorian era loved Egyptian mythology which explains the heads.  In addition, the large flower pattern and squarely angled handles and spouts explain the early onset of the Art Nouveau.  The beautifully detailed silver band of the forest scene of flowers, deer, and trees in a tapestry appearance easily connects to the Victorian era and date stamp. So to me, all of this beautiful detail all makes sense in a strange kinda way.

I truly hope you enjoy my find!

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  1. Your silver is very unique!Nice find.


  2. I'm thinking it is worth a lot more than $25! I think it is really cool. Very unique. I've never seen anything like it before. I love the egyptian heads and the extra pointy lids.

  3. I haven't seen a set like this before, but you definitely did the right thing by going back and getting it for $25.00!!!! It is a lovely set.
    Thanks for linking up to Treasure Hunt Thursday.

  4. Estate Sales are such great places to find unique items! This is a great find!!

  5. I think it is stunning!! Makes my heart go pitta pat!

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