Sunday, April 10, 2011

Something Wonderfully Wonderful~

Hello Friends,
My last post was a little on the blue side.  I ended with promising to post something "Wonderfully Wonderful".  Yes, I am a gal that still ties meaning to my words!  So, here is my "Wonderfully Wonderful" post :)

The weather was so beautiful, and my muscles are still a little achy today.  I look out my beautiful bay window into the back yard, and I hear it calling my name. My old friend, Hammock. 
My Hammock has found it's permenant home between two perfectly spaced shade trees amidst the soon to be blooming tulips and daffodils.  In the summer, the smell of Rosemary, and Mock Orange fill the air while the Day lilies and hosta fill in my shade garden with cherry yellows, whites, and silvery greens.  Oh how I have longed for those days during those long cold months of winter.

As I walk across the grass that is finally getting some vibrant color back to it after this long harsh winter, I run my finger along Hammocks edge and smile.  I know exactly what I need is right here at the tips of my fingers floating like a feather in the breeze. "I'm so glad you called today." I say.

I kick off my shoes and gently settle in. Instantly I am cradled by my old friend and it brings a smile to my weary face.  A soft yellow blanket of sunshine warms me while the wind gently rocks me.  I hear the birds singing me their lullaby, and I close my eyes.  It doesn't take long for me to drift off to a peaceful sleep while the earth continues on.  I am comforted by what surrounds me, the sun, wind, birds, and Hammock.  Life is more than Wonderfully Wonderful.  It is beautiful and a gift.  I hope you have a Wonderfully Wonderful moment today.


  1. That sounds so relaxing. The weather here was so nice yesterday. I had tons of yard work to do, but I just sat on the back porch and enjoyed it.

  2. Hi Again Christie,
    Thanks for being a follower of my new blog. I finally got around to joining your journey as well. Best of luck! Hope to see you at Kane County.

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