Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ring Ring! Ring Ring!

One of my favorite childhood activities was chatting on the phone to my best friends.  My poor father didn't stand a chance to place a call with 4 girls and my mother in the house!  I can still see the old white rotary Bell telephone hanging on the dining room wall.  The cord was so stretched it could reach the edge of the living room, for when I would watch Facts of Life while chatting to my BFF Tina about Blair's hair.  It would also reach the kitchen sink when I would chat to another BFF Cassie while I would wash the dishes.  And even to the most private place I had ever  known as a child, the linen closet next to the bathroom.  Now as you could imagine, it wasn't always the most pleasant place to carry on a conversation with the swish of the toilet  flushing (there were 7 of us in that ol house with 1 toilet!), but when the phone rang and it was my first love, Ricky, it was perfect!  Oh to be young and only to worry about Blair's hair and getting my call from Ricky! lol~

When I happened across this little telephone table & chair, all those memories of the late night phone calls to my best friends and boy friends came flooding back and brought a smile to my face!  I knew I just had to have this cute telephone table!  It also dawned on me, why in the world didn't we have one of these!  Stuffing myself under the bottom shelf in the linen closet with all the lost towels and dish rags suddenly didn't seem as romantic as I remember lol~

A few weeks after bringing home the table, I realized I was longing for a rotary phone.  The hunt began, and ended pretty quickly as Mr. Cottage snagged one up in Wisconsin the very exact same day I snagged one online!  We now have a matching black set ;)  I just love the way it feels when I dial my old number!  It truly surprised me when I could remember Tina & Cassie's numbers too! 

One of the greatest pleasures I get from this new adventure is finding a great treasure that sparks a memory from long ago that I can share with my kids.  With baseball, track, volley ball, and piano going on at the present, I know they are much too busy to listen. I'm hoping that someday, they will read this and have a little giggle over their mom chatting on a dinosaur of a phone to some strange boy named Ricky in Grandpa's linen closet.


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  1. Very cute! I just bought one of these and I can't wait to get my hands on it after seeing how great yours turned out! Nicely done!

  2. That is adorable. I remember those tables well. Thanks for joining my newbie party. Have fun!!~

  3. Sweet posting and loving that table--pretty in white. Great job.

  4. I have one of those phones and watching the granddaughters trying to use it was so funny, they didn't no how to dail or how to hold the phone...just priceless!
    Love your phone table in white!

  5. That's great that you can remember your old friend's numbers - I still know my best friend's from when I was 7 - they moved away years ago, but I dialled it so many times. I do love those old rotary phones - they're a classic - and your table looks fantastic.

    Visiting from Debbie's and happy to follow. My post I'm sharing today is a bit different to my usual subjects - I tend to write about my vintage and second hand finds, with the odd bit of craft.

    Lakota x

  6. Hi Christie~

    What a charming piece! Happy to have found your blog via Debbiedoo's & glad to be a new follower. I invite you to link to my fun & inspiring blog bash K.I.S.S.

    Drop By The Tattered Tag

  7. What great memories and a lovely piece! I'm so glad I found you at Susan Strong's Market Monday. I'm your newest follower :O)


  8. I remember having to hide in a closet when I talked on the phone to my boyfriends too. Only ours wasn't a linen closet, but a broom closet with all the dusty mops and brooms and cleaning supplies. Yuck. I think your telephone table is a much better solution.

  9. Yep - I have a telephone table just like this in the basement under the stairs! I used it for years but then it got 'moved' down to the abyss. I keep thinking I should do something with it! Yours looks adorable and that old phone is fantastic! I bought my daughter a red one for her dorm room and it's the hit of the floor with that old, loud ring! Thanks for posting this!

  10. Hi Christie,
    I love this table. The little cubbie underneath is perfect for address book, paper, pens. So cool. I found you at DebbieDoos link party. I'm a new follower.

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