Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lovely 1980's Oak trim

Today I am complaining.  Fair warning!  Down right, ungrateful, selfish, pitty party for one, COMPLAINING!

I hate oak trim.  Expecially when it's tiny builder cheap 1980's golden oak trim.  We all know what it looks like...brown, boring, tiny in size, but creates a MONSTROUS impact on wall color choice, ugly trim.  I HATE IT and it's EVERYWHERE in my house!

The first level of our home boasts tall ceilings, enormous floor to ceiling fireplace, 17x22 family room, open floor plan, so many windows there is no wall space...the dream space, with the one exception of the trim.  Its tiny!  TINY for this space...with 9 1/2' ceilings why would anyone in their right mind put 21/4" builder basic OAK trim?!! Luckily they didn't add any crown!  But it is driving me INSANE!  The windows are some off breed of wood, stained to look oak, but look more orange than wood of any kind.  All the doors are...ready for this...PINE! And the blinds are...PLASTIC WOOD!.  Could this possibly get any worse?!  Yes, it could!

In the master bedroom, the ceiling is vaulted to a stunning 12'...and there is a small, but sill obnoxious built in book case...in...OAK!  And of course pared with the lovely orange windows, plastic wood blinds, pine doors, and tiny trim.

So we obviously didn't buy this house because of the trim (my #2 requirement...white trim)...actually we almost didn't buy this house because of the trim.  We did buy this home though because of the floor plan, location to schools and transportation, and it met my #1 requirement.  Sidewalks, street lights, and neighbors.  Our last home did not have sidewalks, and living on a busy street walking to school was always an issue.  Walking home after dark was an even bigger issue.  Hence the street light requirement.  And neighbors because I'm a social gal!  Oh, and please understand, this is a lovely home with many aspects that I adore.  It's just that some of the major structural and not so easy to change details made by the previous owner/builder I wouldn't have chosen...ever.

So why not just paint it, or what I would prefer, RIP IT OUT!?  Because Mr. Cottage is in the school of "All wood is good."  I'm in the Christopher Lowell school of "Just because it's wood, doesn't mean it's good."    The main reason we don't paint or replace it is, this isn't our forever home, so I will have to just deal with the disgusting ugly 1980's trim.

Today with the monsoon, fierce lightening, and down right cold northern winds, I am dreaming of my forever home which boasts 4"+ trim, crown molding, wainscoting, transom windows with white sashes, white cottage doors with oil rubbed bronze hardware, and the beautiful contrast of the white 1/4 round trim against the hand scraped dark wood floors.  AAAAAAaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......  FLASH OF LIGHTENING! Ok! Ok! Back to reality!  Grocery shopping, laundry, kids, dog, dinner, dishes...yep, and 1980's ugly wood trim.


  1. Hi, I wanted to introduce myself. I just saw an ad of yours on Craigslist. I live in the Mill creek neighborhood. I also redo furniture and sell it on craigslist! Just wanted to stop by and say hi...and say PAINT the trim! If you will be happier with the time you are in the house with white trim, then paint it! You want to love your house.

  2. Call me crazy, but I like all wood trims, depending on the home's setting. I went to see a house with everyone's latest favorite; white. The house was on a wooded lot with a 12 foot bay window looking out at gorgeous trees but the white trim didn't blend with the outside view, it made the home seem "apart" from it's surrounding. There was a home with golden oak trim on the same side of the street with a two story bow window and it blended with the outdoor view perfectly.

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