Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just a Quick Update :)

Things are getting pretty crazy here with the move-in date just days away...UGH hate saying that as it only reminds me of everything I have to do! :)  Anyway...After sanding, priming, sanding, 2nd coat of primer, sanding, 1st coat of paint, and sanding yet again for the final top coat of paint, and THEN wax!!!  I have placed my 1st order for this infamous Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

I totally get that it saves time, which equals higher profit margin...however how does that translate in longevity of the paint?  Does skipping the initial sanding really mean time saved=money earned?  Or after 6 or 9 months or a year later, the piece needs a new coat of paint???

In addition, there is the $34.95 per QUART cost.  Yes, I'm not spending additional money on a high quality primer ($39.99 gal), and about $30 gal on paint...but if you break it down, it's still cheaper than Annie Sloan Chalk paint.  So, it all comes down to time.  How much time am I spending with the preping process and what is it worth to me? Let me tell you, I am spending HOURS & HOURS in prep!  Could be worth many of you have advised me :)

I'm just skeptical, and cautious.  Probably  more cautious than skeptical.  I do not want to have to SAND, PRIME, SAND, PAINT, ECT on a "finished" piece because of poor paint adhesion and performance.  I do want to give my customers a superior product.  Is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint the answer?  I will see!

My order of Old Ocher, Old White, and Duck Egg Blue will be in next week.  I will definitely keep ya'll posted on my thoughts.  Until then, I'm back to SANDING, PRIMING, SANDING, PRIMING, SANDING, PAINTING, SSSSSSSSAAAANNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDIIIIIIINGGGGG!!!!

Oh! I am taking tons of pictures of the projects I've been working on.  Once I'm all moved in, I'll post them!


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