Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today's Finds!

The last time I went out blindly searching for treasure, my sister quipped I didn't have much.  That pushed me to have an entry titled "Things to Come!".  I had and still have so much, but tis the season for treasure huntin!
Today, I thought instead of a snippet of what I found, I would give you the whole shebang!  (Gloria, this one's for you Girl!)

Have you ever been so excited about a treasure that you just had to call one of your besties to share in the excitement? Well that was me today!  I tried all my friends, family, and even a neighbor, but no one answered.  I was so bummed and with the excitement building I was about to burst!  Then I thought " if only I could get to my blog, I'm sure someone out there in blog land  would share in my excitement over this!"  And this is what it was!
Well, honestly, I'm not quite sure what I have here! lol~  But I would sure love to know! If you happen to know what treasure I've found, please share with me!  It appears to be silver plate maybe?  I'm just not sure.  There are 4 different stamps on the bottom.  One stamp is "BSCEP". Another is "5525".  The third is an image of a dragon, a flower and a crown while the 4th I can't make out.  It doesn't really matter to me that I can't make it out or don't know what I've found.  I think it's pretty cool even if it's only worth the $ I paid to get it!  It's not overly heavy, and it's not metal as my bitty girl took her magnets and tested it. The initials are FMC...which is kinda interesting as Mr. Cottage's initials are MC...two outta 3 isn't bad :)

So that was find #1.  And here is find #2!

Glass wine bottles with the bottoms cut off!  The largest one stands about 24" tall, and the other two are 20" & 18".  I just LOVE them!  They are a spin off the cloche's that are all the rage now. And I did buy more than just these 3...but not as many as I would have liked!  These are going to be PERFECT in the shop!!!  I think I'm going to have to refine "Glass wine bottles with the bottoms cut off"...doesn't sound too appealing huh~

Now please understand I would never, under normal excitable circumstances ever share with you something that isn't cleaned & staged...but my excitement got the best of me...these cloche's are dirty, the silver tea pot has a ton of polish in all the crevasses, and the...Oh!  My other two finds!!!  I forgot to take a pic of those!  I guess I will have to save something for tomorrow to share with you!  (I digress....)  What I meant to say was, I enjoy creating beautiful vignettes and in the excitement of the day, with no one to share it with, I decided to share even my dirty little finds with you, my friends!

I hope you enjoy Today's Finds!
Until next time~


  1. The BSCEP stands for Barbour Silver Company Extra Plate or maybe Electroplate - it's silver plated over another metal, not solid silver. But a lot of the nice silver pieces you see online are actually silverplate. Oh, and silver is non-magnetic. When I go to thrift stores I take a magnet with me so I can tell if it's silver or not. The 5525 is most likely the model number for that piece.

    There are a couple blog parties out there for sharing your thrift and garage sale finds if you're interested. I always get excited when I find something and have to run to post it!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It's always fun to find "silver" whether it's sterling or plated. These pieces are great to use as focal and accent pieces. Pam knows her stuff. She's a fellow Ohio blogger that loves to thrift shop. Visiting from Linda's party.
    :-) Sue

  4. I love the bottomless bottles, and those blue candle are so pretty. It's nice to see a new twist on the cloche rage. By the time I get a cloche it will be so yesterday lol.


  5. I too love those bottomless bottles...I bet they would be easy to make too. Don't worry about the dirty cloche or the silver, didnt even notice...who has time to clean the "FINDS" when one has to blog about it.


  6. Great those bottomless bottles...too fun! Visiting from NTT :) Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  7. The Tea Pot is beautiful and the Wine Bottles with Candles is one of the coolest arrangements I have seen in the home decor realm. Good job!

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