Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Things to come!

Hello Everyone!

First, let me say a huge THANK YOU to all the helpful hints that were passed to me about my crashed laptop and lost Picasa pictures!  I found almost all my pictures! YEA!  I still don't know what happened to the others, but hey, they aren't all lost!  As for my laptop, the hard drive is toast!  I'm hoping I will get a huge surprise and get an upgraded graphics card when I get my trusty ol laptop back!  That would be SWEET!

Secondly, another huge THANK YOU to all my Followers!  I know, I know... You're thinking I'm a little out there to be thanking my followers.  Well, I wasn't sure if this little blog and new adventure of mine would actually take off.  And when I got my first few followers, who weren't family or neighbors, I felt like a celebrity!  (You could say I'm easily amused, and you would be right!)  Your kind comments, encouragement, and helpful hints help me grow professionally, and personally.  I hope my Followers grow and grow so I can continue to learn and share my expertise too!

As for my little adventure, well, in less than one months time, I have sold 4 pieces of furniture!  I am SHOCKED and elated!  Vintage furniture has been a passion of mine since I was 9 and has only grown since then!
It all started when I would take our elderly neighbor, Ms. Fitchen her mail every day and visit with her.  As a treat once in a while she would make SPAM with brown sugar for dinner.  Boy was that a treat!  I thought I was in heaven as we never had SPAM at our house.  There were many things at Ms. Fitchens house that we never had.  Like an indoor cat, fine china and crystal at every dinner, and the most beautiful furniture I have ever seen.

Ms. Fitchen seemed to be older than anyone else I knew.  Age was just a number as her stories would transport us back to a time when she was a flapper dancing & drinking the night away.  I loved sitting listening to her stories.  When Ms. Fitchen passed, she left me my first real piece of furniture, a solid birds eye maple dresser, and my first crystal wine glass.

The glass was broken in one of the many moves I have made since I married, and the dresser...well I passed that down to my daughter when she turned 7.  Yes, it shows it's age, but it is the first piece that created  who I am.

And finally, I thought I would give you a sneak peak of things to come from Carter's Cottage.  A few days ago, my sister posted that I didn't really have much....  Well, she hasn't seen my garage, basement, or studio!  All the pics in this post are of pieces I am working on or hope to be working on soon!  I really need to get some pieces done for the shop!  April will be here before you know it and my shop will be sitting empty!

Oh, and yes, these are just snippets of the furniture...I want to keep you in suspense so you will visit often to see what's new!

Until then,


  1. Good Evening Christie, girl you have some fun things you are going to be doing..BUT your a BIG TEASE I want to see ha ha!! Hope you have a GREAT evening my friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  2. Ohhh I can't wait to see what you do with that 3 drawer number on the lower right (well my right, my screens left)of your post.

    It looks like a LOVELY piece of furniture!

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