Thursday, March 31, 2011

Amazing B4&After


Remember these?  Yep! How could anyone forget these!  Well, the initial story is here if you would like to take a peak!

Then I thought I had an awesome idea about a tutorial on removing veneer with a heat gun...and then my lap top died!  All my hard work, time, editing!  GONE!  You can read all about that here!

These two pieces are like the little engine that could!  No matter what was thrown at me, they just kept popping into my they were calling my name lol~

Well so much has happened with these two pieces, you are simply not going to believe what I have to share with you today!

After many sleepless nights trying to decide what to do with these two, I have finally finished them. YES! From start to finish!  And all in just the nick of time with me moving into the new shop!  So with out further a due, I am so proud as peas to introduce you to my latest B4&After.
Can you believe these are the same pieces?  With all that water damage, and peeling veneer?  And I even found a little sewing bench that fits perfectly with the vanity/desk. 
I'm sure once upon a time there was a beautiful mirror that went with this set.  Unfortunately, I never got to see it.  In place of the mirror I used a 1x2 trimmed down to match the existing piece on the chest of drawers.  I simply can't get over how nice these turned out. And I can't wait to get them in the shop tomorrow so they can find a new home to love them!


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  1. they're adorable! great job. found you via miss mustard seed. come visit.


  2. Nice! Come by my little joint. Just did a segment on new finishes. New follower too!

  3. Good job! Thanks for joining my newbie party. Please add my link.

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