Sunday, February 20, 2011

My lill Clipper!

As promised, here are a few more pictures of my lill Smith-Corona Clipper.  While I was taking the extra pictures of the Clipper, I noticed there's no #1 key!  I have looked many a typewriter....old and new but never noticed that there was no #1 key.  So that prompted me to look for the exclamation point, missing too!

Now I know what some of you may be thinking...and she considers herself an experienced in vintage and antiques?  Well, yes...and no.  Typewriters, no.  Certain period furniture, yes.  The key, pardon the pun, is I know when to ask questions.  So another way to look at it is when I'm lost, yes I stop and ask for directions~lol!

Back to my lil clipper....

After further research, I found a few interesting facts I thought were worth sharing with you. First, the exclamation point was created with an apostrophe, then backspace, and then add a period.  Neat right??!!
And the number zero was generated with an uppercase 'O'. Similarly, a lowecase 'L' served dual purpose as a one. Isn't that just swell?

There are a few interesting keys on this clipper.  For example there is a 1/4 1/2 combination key.  The one I find most interesting is the @ symbol shares a key with the cent symbol!  Betchya can't find that on any computer! (sorry for the flash on the's there, and it's way cool)  Oh...and I must mention the Floating Shift!

As I mentioned in my original post...or at least I think I mentioned this, this typewriter has metal keys that are black with ivory letters.  They are very pretty and in very good condition. I'm having trouble coming up with a market value on this piece as I have not seen any Clippers with metal keys.  If you have one, or can send me information on them, that would be great!  So, it could be a good thing they are hard to find, or a bad thing...just depends on if you're the type of person with the glass half full, or empty :)  *SOLD! My lill Clipper has found a new home! Check back as you never know what I will find!*



  1. Cool typewriter. Welcome to blogging. I would love to have you come over and join my newbie party that I have weekly. I also have tips and tutorials under my header that I have found and created just for newbies. Hope to see you soon.

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